Is Webex training being phased out?

Is Webex training being phased out?

Cisco is decommissioning Webex Training Center, and it will no longer be an option for ECU users after December 31, 2021. Feature and other updates, except for security patches, have already been discontinued by Cisco.

How do I join Webex training?

Sign in to your Webex site and go to Webex Training > Unlisted Sessions. Enter the 9-digit session number in the text box, enter the password provided in the email invitation, and select Join Now.

How do I edit Webex training?

Log in to your Webex site. Go to My Webex > Preferences. Under “Meet Now” Settings, edit the default options for your instant meetings….Modify a Scheduled Training Session

  1. Open your confirmation email message, and then click the link.
  2. Sign in to your Webex Training website and then select Log In.
  3. Select Edit.

How do I test Webex training?

Select Tests > Add Test . Select a test on which to base your new test, and then select Next . Type a name for your new test, select test delivery options, and then select Save . For details, see Specify Test Delivery Options for a Scheduled Training Session.

Is Webex end of life?

As of June 30, 2021, the Webex app (formerly Webex Teams) end users, Workspaces, and personal mode devices using the legacy Hybrid Call Service connected to Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) through the Expressway Call Connector went End of Life (EoL) for all customers.

What is Webex slow channel?

The Slow Channel (formerly called lockdown) gives businesses more time to roll out new versions of Webex Business suite applications to their users. You can view the options available in Slow Channel in this article. To get on to the latest Slow Channel contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Does Webex training have video?

You can send and receive video in Webex Training. Sending video is a great way to engage with others and to keep their attention.

Why can’t I edit my Webex meeting?

A meeting cannot be edited if it is currently in progress. An updated meeting invitation is sent out to all the invitees after the changes are saved.

How do I extend time in Webex?

You can’t change the details for meetings other people have invited you to. Double-click the meeting in your calendar to open the meeting details. Edit the meeting details, such as the date or time, and then click Update.

Does Webex know if you switch tabs?

You can find out who is paying attention in your training sessions….Turn On or Off Attention Tracking in a Training Session.

1 Select Session > Options.
2 On the Communications tab, select Attention tracking. For Mac users, select Webex Training > Preferences > Tools > Attention Tracking.

Can Webex Host see what you are doing?

During an event, the host (and panelists if granted permission) can use the attention tracking feature to monitor if attendees are focused on the presentation. The attention indicator shows if an attendee has: Minimized the event window.