Is Topps project 70 done?

Is Topps project 70 done?

Fifty-one artists doing up to 20 cards each meant a potential checklist of 1,020 cards. It didn’t quite go that high, though. Topps Project70 wrapped in February, 2022 with card #936, Keith Shore’s Garbage Pail Kids-inspired Ken Griffey Jr. Three levels of parallels are available in Topps Project70.

How many project 70 cards will there be?

Cards are available from the Topps daily and each card is available for purchase for only 70 hours. Each artist was meant to contribute 20 pieces to the set, making this a massive collection with over 1,000 cards, but as the release rolled on, many artists fell short of that number and the final total came in at 936.

How long will Topps Project 70 last?

View available Project70 cards on Topps. In total, the 53 artists/creators each contribute multiple cards printed on 130-point glossy card stock. The cards are sold for 70 hours, so right around three days, at $19.99 per card, and new cards are available each weekday.

What is Topps project?

Topps Project 2020 Baseball combines iconic baseball cards and an elite group of modern artists. On the surface, the concept is a simple one: 20 cards get a makeover from 20 different artists. Available through the Topps website, that means the final checklist has 400 total cards.

What is Topps living set?

A living set means a checklist that doesn’t have an end point. It’s possible Topps could pull the plug one day, but that’s not the plan right now. Collectors shouldn’t expect a lot of repetition on the Topps Living Set Baseball checklist, either. Players get one card while they’re with the same team.

How do I contact Topps?

(800) 489-9149Topps / Customer service

Are Project 70 cards thick?

Cards are printed on premium 130pt thick glossy card stock and feature a holographic logo security feature on the back. Each is encased in a protective plastic case. And what would modern card collecting be without special editions? Project70 has those too throughout each print run.

When did Topps project 70 start?

Shop Project70® Founded in 1938 as a chewing gum company, Topps released their first baseball card set in 1951.

Can I invest in Topps?

The merger between Mudrick Capital and Topps has not yet closed, so you can’t directly invest in Topps just yet. You can buy Mudrick Capital stock on the NASDAQ exchange. If you don’t already have a stock brokerage account, signing up is a quick and easy process.

How many Derek Jeter Project 2020 cards are there?

View available Project 2020 cards on Topps. These hand-numbered cards total 10 copies per new Derek Jeter release. Other players have random autographs, as well. The final stretch also includes random Rainbow parallels at 1:20 orders for select subjects.

When did Topps set start?

On March 14, the first three cards of the Topps Living Set were made available for online purchase. Aaron Judge #1, Joe Panik #2 and Nicholas Castellanos #3 represented the leadoff group for a set that updates each and every week – three at a time – for a checklist that may never end.

What is Topps game within the game?

February 1, 2021. In Early 2020, Topps announced a partnership with artist Paul Jennis to launch a new product on It would be called Game Within the Game, and it would feature a card based on an original oil painting from Jennis.