Is Sure Trac a good trailer?

Is Sure Trac a good trailer?

Sure Trac Trailers are I-69 Trailer Center’s haul-mark products, and are the best premium open utility and enclosed trailers on the road today.

Who manufactures Sure Trac trailers?

Novae LLC
Sure-Trac Trailers, a division of Novae LLC, is committed to providing superior value to our customers by delivering quality products and outstanding customer service.

Are Sure Trac trailers powder coated?

Sure-Trac trailers have all the features you want to fit your unique application, such as LED lights, radial tires, weatherproof electrical systems, powder coating, tie downs, spring-assist or hydraulic lifting mechanisms and more.

What is the most popular size dump trailer?

The most common size dump trailer is 14-ft. because it’s a good size for hauling a skid steer but still reasonably maneuverable.

Are Texas Bragg Trailers any good?

Their trailers are well known for heavy-duty construction and long service life. Each trailer is assembled and welded by a single craftsman to ensure consistent quality, and they take personal pride in delivering excellent products.

Are carry on trailers powder coated?

The ALL-NEW Next Gen line of Carry-On Trailers offers the same workhorse versatility and ruggedness you depend on—only now they’re even better. Increased payload, powder-coated finish, LED lighting options, and that’s just to start.

How wide is a sure Trac dump trailer?

Our Price: $15,999.00

Condition: new
Model: 82 x 16 16K Telescopic Dump
Floor Length: 16′
Width: 81″ or 6′
Weight: 5040 lbs

What should I look for in a dump trailer?

There are five factors we recommend people consider when buying a dump trailer.

  • 1) Weight and Capacity. What capacity does your tow vehicle have?
  • 2) Size. Think about what you plan to carry and how large that cargo is.
  • 3) Material.
  • 4) Lifting Mechanism.
  • 5) Design Options.

Is a scissor lift dump trailer better?

Because the Scissor Hoist has a larger surface area, it puts less pressure on a single critical spot on the dumpbed’s frame, and it is much more efficient at lifting and lowering heavy uneven loads. Scissor lifts are also much stronger and have more lifting power than both Dual Ram and Single Ram Hoists.

Is buying a dump trailer a good investment?

With the steady rise in the demand for dump trailers in the industry, it’s no wonder that finding ways for added income opportunities using delivery equipment is growing. Adding a dump trailer to your delivery operations is an investment that you want to be profiting from sooner than later.

Who owns Big Tex Trailer World?

Bain Capital
Bain Capital Acquires Big Tex, Leading Manufacturer of Professional- Grade Trailers. acquisition of Big Tex, a leading manufacturer of professional-grade trailers in North America from H.I.G. Capital.