Is Norfolk Broads a good holiday?

Is Norfolk Broads a good holiday?

We visited Wroxham, Horning and Great Yarmouth and a few small villages in between. Lots of places to visit when moored up. Nice relaxing holiday in an excellent part of the country. Excellent holiday,excellent boat,excellent food.

Which is the best Broads in Norfolk?

10 Sights on the Norfolk Broads you Won’t Want to Miss

  • How Hill. A real must see on your boating holiday is How Hill Trust.
  • Ranworth. A ‘must-see’ on any trip to the Norfolk Broads…
  • Thurne Mill.
  • Hickling Broad Nature Reserve.
  • Sunken Wherries on Surlingham Broad.
  • Norwich Cathedral.
  • Wroxham.

Can you stay on a boat on the Norfolk Broads?

With a wide range of cruisers available sleeping from 2 to 12, family and friends can choose from days, weeks or weekends away on the Norfolk Broads for less than the price of a hotel stay.

Which is best North or South Norfolk Broads?

The north side of the Norfolk Broads has more villages, shops and boatyards. The northern side tends to be busier than the south, especially in peak times. The southern Broads are more tidal than the north & it is a lot quieter and more rural, with less competition for moorings.

Are boating holidays fun?

A canal boat holiday is a wonderful way to bring the family together as there is something for every age group to enjoy. With constantly changing scenery and a new destination daily – if you choose – narrowboat holidays offer an amazing variety of sights, attractions and activities.

How deep are Norfolk Broads?

4m deep
The total area of the Broads is 303sq km (117 sq miles) and is made up of 7 rivers and 63 Broads, most of which are less than 4m deep.

Which is the nicest village in Norfolk?

10 Most Picturesque Villages in Norfolk

  • Wroxham.
  • Blakeney.
  • Walsingham.
  • Cromer.
  • Holt.
  • Horning.
  • Cley next the Sea.
  • Sheringham.

Is it easy to drive a boat on the Broads?

Yes, our boats are easy to drive and you will receive an email with a link to a safety video to watch before you arrive. Where can I go? There are plenty of villages and Broads to visit within a short distance from Wroxham.

Is it easy to drive a boat on Norfolk Broads?

It’s easy – The Norfolk Broads are a great place to start boating as there are no locks to worry about and the rivers are much wider than the canals.

Do you need a boat Licence for Norfolk broads?

Is a licence required for driving the boat? No, a licence is not required to enable you to navigate on the Broads. On arrival you will receive full tuition on how to safely operate your boat. During your holiday we are always at the end of the telephone if you require any further assistance or advice.

Do you have to pay for moorings on the Norfolk Broads?

The Broads Authority provides a network of free 24 hour moorings. Many more are available at places such as staithes, public houses and boatyards although these may charge a fee (moorings marked DP16 have been provided as part of a planning condition and charges may apply).