Recommendations Is Nike LunarGlide discontinued?

Is Nike LunarGlide discontinued?

Is Nike LunarGlide discontinued?

Hi Amit, while we don’t have the Lunarglide anymore, we think you’ll love the Epic React Flyknit 2. Check it out in some fly colorways on our site.

Is Nike LunarGlide a neutral shoe?

And thats’ what we meant by Lunarglide being a supportive neutral. It does not feel like other motion control shoe, but instead delivers a supportive ride without any bias. Because of the design change, the LG6 rode firmer than the LG4 and 5.

What type of shoe was Nike LunarGlide?

Nike’s marketing pitch: As soft and smooth as ever. Upper: Engineered mesh, partial inner sleeve, Flywire strap-based lacing. Midsole: Lunarlon foam inside a firmer EVA foam casing….RECOMMENDED ROTATION.

Rotation Multi brand
Model Nike Lunarglide 9
Shoe type Cushioned, long and easy runs
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How long do Nike react shoes last?

The Epic React had hardly any rubber on the outsole, and aside from minor wear and tear, we had runners reporting well over 500 miles in the shoe (like Robbe). So with the almost full-coverage rubber on the outsole of the React Infinity, I don’t imagine anyone will be complaining about the durability of these trainers.

What does Nike react mean?

Basically, Nike React is instant go—a contagious sensation that makes you want to run. Our running shoes with Nike React bring more bounce to your run and make running more fun. You can also find Nike React in basketball shoes. And you can learn more about Nike React at

What is replacing Nike Zoom Structure?

Replaces both Nike Zoom Structure and Nike Epic React Flyknit. The shoe that the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit most closely resembles is the Nike Epic React Flyknit, at least in terms of the running experience that the shoe provides.