Is Neumann a good brand?

Is Neumann a good brand?

The Neumann brand is synonymous with quality, because its products have offered highest sound and manufacturing quality for more than 80 years. But it takes rigorous quality control to keep up Neumann’s distinction as the world’s leading manufacturer of studio microphones.

Is a tube microphone worth it?

In general, neither is considered to be better than the other. Each possesses its own unique characteristics that make it more (or less) applicable in different circumstances. Customarily, tube mics are associated with warmth and roundness while FET mics are known for their fast transient response and accuracy.

Is Neumann U87 the best mic?

The legendary Neumann U87 is broadly considered one of the best condenser microphones of the 1960s, and maybe the world’s most beloved massive diaphragm condenser. It’s outfitted with a big dual-diaphragm capsule with three directional patterns: omnidirectional, cardioid, and figure-8.

Is Neumann by Sennheiser?

Neumann was acquired by Sennheiser Electronic GmbH in 1991. Production of Neumann microphones was moved into a newly built level 100 cleanroom factory in Wedemark, near Hanover. The company maintains its official headquarters in Berlin.

Are tube mics good for vocals?

Many engineers and musicians feel that tube mics provide a warm, smooth sound with a rich low midrange that can be flattering to vocals — and, indeed, many are designed that way — but there are plenty of examples of tube mics that are clean and neutral sounding.

How long should a tube mic warm up?

With many microphones it is not uncommon to see a difference in performance as they finish “warming up”. Yes this is a vague answer, but as a rule of thumb I would say for most tube gear at LEAST 30 minutes, and we generally plan on about an hour.

Why is U87 so good?

Part of the reason why the Neumann U87 is such a studio favourite is because of its reliability. Rarely will a U87 ever give out. Beyond its dependability, it also provides a unique warmth that allows its sound to sit well in the mix.