Is navigability a word?

Is navigability a word?

Meaning of navigability in English. the degree to which an area of water is deep, wide, or safe enough for a boat to go through: They have promised to improve the navigability of the river.

How do you use navigable in a sentence?

Navigable sentence example

  1. The river was navigable as far as Capua.
  2. The total length of navigable rivers is 967 m.
  3. The Parnahyba is navigable for boats of 3 ft.
  4. The Oise, Aisne and Marne are navigable , and canalsfurnish 170 m.
  5. The Trent is navigable from a point near the town downward.

What does non navigable mean?

Non-navigable Waterway means a body of water that is not a Navigable Waterway; Sample 2.

What does navigable in fact mean?

Navigable-in-fact means that a watercourse or river is navigable-in-fact when it was used at the time of statehood, in its ordinary and natural condition, as a highway for commerce over which trade and travel was or may have been conducted in the customary modes of trade or travel on water.

What is website navigability?

At its simplest level, website navigability can be defined as how easy it is for the user to find information on the site (Huizingh, 2000) or the “degree of navigation afforded by an interface” (Sundar, 2004, p. 387).

Which of these is the definition of navigability meaning?

1 : deep enough and wide enough to permit passage of ships a navigable river. 2 : possible to steer a navigable balloon. Other Words from navigable. navigability \ ˌna-​vi-​gə-​ˈbi-​lə-​tē \ noun.

What constitutes navigable waters?

Navigable waters of the United States are those waters that are subject to the ebb and flow of the tide and/or are presently used, or have been used in the past, or may be susceptible for use to transport interstate or foreign commerce.

How do I plan a website navigation?

8 Principles for Improved Website Navigation

  1. Plan Your Page Structure and Navigation.
  2. Follow Established Standards.
  3. Use Your Users’ Vocabulary.
  4. Use Responsive Menus.
  5. Take Advantage of Your Footer Menu.
  6. Use Color and White Space to Separate Navigation from Other Elements.
  7. Avoid Dropdown Menus.
  8. Flatten Your Structure.

What is an example of a navigable?

A body of water, such as a river, canal or lake, is navigable if it is deep, wide and calm enough for a water vessel (e.g. boats) to pass safely.