Is mehtas a Brahmin?

Is mehtas a Brahmin?

Mehta caste is last name of many people in Indian subcontinent. Mehta caste definition is A group of Brahmans. A section of Oswal Bania.. Mehta caste is one of the many castes subcastes of India.

Is mehtas a Parsi?

Indian (Gujarat, Rajasthan, Panjab, and Bombay city) : Hindu (Bania, Vania, Brahman, Khatri), Jain, Parsi, and Sikh name meaning ‘chief’ in several modern Indian languages, from Sanskrit mahita’praised’, ‘great’ (from mah- ‘to praise or magnify’).

WHO IS Mehta sahib?

Mehta kalu, formally Kalyan Das, (1440–1520) was the father of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism….

mehta Kalu
Born Kalyan Das Bedi 4 May 1440 Dehra Sahib Lohar, Tarn Taran, Punjab
Died 24 December 1522 Kartarpur Sahib, Lodi Empire (Present day Pakistan)

Are Mehta OBC?

Mehta is an Indian surname. The word Mehta means “chief”. Mehta caste falls into the category of OBC.

How common is the surname Mehta?

Mehta Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
India 332,746 1:2,305
United States 21,622 1:16,763
England 9,047 1:6,159
Sudan 7,560 1:4,962

Which caste is Patel in Gujarat?

Leva Patel (Leuva Patidar) is a sub-caste or community of Patidars in India, situated mainly in Gujarat. They had the highest position among the Patidar subcastes, due to their greater wealth and control of positions in commerce, education, and producer cooperatives.

Are Mehta Jains?

No. Jains have different surname based on place they originated, ancestors business.. For example Many Gujarati jain has Surname like Shah,Shaghavi…. Similarly Mehta, Vora, Doshi are based on different business…