Is Lonicera nitida a good hedge?

Is Lonicera nitida a good hedge?

It is a popular choice of hedge plant for a medium height evergreen hedge (up to about 2m). Its densely packed leaves, borne on long stems are tiny, so it forms a very dense hedge. Lonicera nitida is very easy to trim and has a high tolerance of clipping, which makes it ideal as a neat, formal hedge.

Can honeysuckle be grown as a hedge?

An evergreen shrubby honeysuckle can be used as a low-growing hedge or prunned to make a piece of topiary.

Is Lonicera nitida native to UK?

It has successfully escaped in southern England and is easily found. Frequency of sites reduces as you go north but there still is some in Scotland and Wales. It is plentiful in Ireland.

How quickly does Lonicera nitida grow?

around 40 – 60cm per year
A fast-growing hedge, Lonicera can achieve around 40 – 60cm per year, and looks best when maintained at a height of between 1 – 3m.

How do you grow Lonicera nitida?

To grow Lonicera nitida as a hedge, plant 30cm apart in a single row. If a thicker hedge is required, plant in a double, staggered row with the same spacing between plants and the two rows. Ideally plant either in autumn or early to mid-spring and keep watered until established.

How fast does Lonicera nitida grow?

Is Lonicera nitida good for wildlife?

Avoid ground cover periwinkle, pachysandra, conifers, Do plant honeysuckles if possible but not Lonicera nitida (shrubby honeysuckle) this is not good for wildlife and is a problem plant in the Lye Valley nearby where much volunteer effort is spent removing shrubs of it arrived by seed.

Can honeysuckle be cut back?

Honeysuckles include both vines and shrubs. Prune honeysuckle bushes in the spring, as soon as the flowers drop off. You can prune honeysuckle vines lightly any time of year. Wait until fall or winter when the vine is dormant for major pruning jobs.

How far apart do you plant Lonicera nitida?

HONEYSUCKLE HEDGING, GREEN Lonicera ligustrina Elegant, Lonicera nitida Elegant

Planting Distance 12ins/30cm apart
No Plants
Type Size Price
Br 1-1.5ft 30-45cm
Pg 1-1.5ft 30-45cm