Is JM Bullion reliable?

Is JM Bullion reliable?

Is JM Bullion a legitimate company? Yes, JM Bullion is reliable, trustworthy, and very much legitimate. Information surrounding the history and journey of the team that built the company is also readily available for anyone who wishes to read it.

How can you tell if a bullion is real?

To conduct this test you will need another nonabrasive piece of metal. Gently strike this metal against your bullion piece. You should hear a ringing that lasts for approximately 1-2 seconds. If you hear a “clunk” or any other cumbersome non-ringing sound, your bullion is not genuine.

Where is JM Bullion based out of?

Dallas, Texas
We are headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and our customer support center is in Dallas, as well. Our corporate address is 11700 Preston Road, Suite 660153, Dallas, Texas 75230. Please note, this is not the address to which customers send paper check payments, nor is it a physical address.

What does JM Bullion stand for?

Johnson Matthey bars
All authentic Johnson Matthey bars bear the company’s stamp, which is the initials “JM” next to two crossed hammers.

Is JM Bullion a reputable gold dealer?

Best Customer Experience JM Bullion This makes it our choice as the online gold dealer with the best customer experience. Its product selection is extensive, with a wide variety of gold, silver, platinum, copper, palladium coins, and bars, priced competitively with no commissions or additional fees.

Does JM Bullion own Provident Metals?

JMB operates five separately branded, company-owned websites:,,,, It also merchandises through eBay.

Where does JM bullion ship from?

Las Vegas, Nevada
All orders will ship from our warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada. We mask our return address on all packages as to not give away the contents of the package.

What does JM bullion stand for?