Is cosmetically a word?

Is cosmetically a word?

Meaning of cosmetically in English. in a way that relates to the way something looks: Cosmetically, the town is much improved since I last visited.

What do you call a person who sells cosmetics?

cosmetician. someone who sells or applies cosmetics. flower girl. a woman who sells flowers in the street. fruiterer.

What is the synonym of cosmetic?

In this page you can discover 45 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cosmetic, like: maquillage, beauty-care product, soap, beautifying, makeup, beautifying agent, beautify, face, corrective, cosmetic preparation and cream.

What is cosmetic and example?

A “cosmetic” is any substance used to clean, improve or change the complexion, skin, hair, nails or teeth. Cosmetics include beauty preparations (make-up, perfume, skin cream, nail polish) and grooming aids (soap, shampoo, shaving cream, deodorant).

How do you spell Cosmetically?

adj. 1. Serving to beautify the body, especially the face and hair.

Is nail polish a cosmetic?

Nail polish differs from other cosmetics in its roles as both a decorative cosmetic and a coating to resist a variety of challenges to its integrity.

What are shop owners called?

A shopkeeper is a retail merchant or tradesman; one who owns or operates a small store or shop.

What is a professional makeup artist?

A makeup artist is someone who uses cosmetic techniques and processes to create beauty upon the human body. In its simplest form, it enhances a person’s appearance, bringing out color and features and hiding or smoothing out flaws, using cosmetic products.

What is a lover of beauty called?

Philokalist or Philocalist literally means “lover of beauty” (Greek roots phil- + kalos).

What is cosmetic look?

The word cosmetic has to do with beauty and appearance. Cosmetic surgery makes someone look better, but isn’t necessary medically, like heart surgery. A cosmetic change to a building only changes the building’s appearance. Cosmetic often means the same as decorative or ornamental.

How do you describe cosmetics?

Cosmetics are defined as “items with mild action on the human body for the purpose of cleaning, beautifying, adding to the attractiveness, altering the appearance, or keeping or promoting the skin or hair in good condition” while functional cosmetics, even if falling under the cosmetic definition, are designated as “ …