Recommendations Is Cabarete Dominican Republic nice?

Is Cabarete Dominican Republic nice?

Is Cabarete Dominican Republic nice?

Although it first gained attention as one of the world’s premier spots for kiteboarding and windsurfing, Cabarete has much more to offer visitors and expats. Year-round warm weather, a lower cost of living, friendly locals, a fun lifestyle and tropical beaches all make Cabarete worth checking out.

How is the beach at Cabarete?

Technically, Cabarete Beach and Bozo Beach are part of the larger Cabarete Bay. The Bay has a nice sandy bottom and although there is a reef, it is far away from the beach and very easy to spot and manoeuvre around if you are in the water.

What is Puerto Plata known for?

Puerto Plata is well known for its white sand beaches and one of its most popular ones is Playa Dorada. Playa Dorada is Puerto Plata’s tourist hub; it’s a huge resort complex located along a long stretching beach. It consists of several hotels, restaurants, a shopping center, and the Robert Trent Jones golf course.

Is Cabarete safe to live?

Cabarete is a safe city to live and walk during the day or night. It’s small but very beautiful, with beautiful beaches and with the possibility of doing many activities. Perhaps a priori you will be surprised by the number of foreigners there, because it’s a tourist city and there are people who go there to retire.

Is Cabarete beach good for swimming?

It is safe to swim in Cabarete Bay beach. There are usually more waves in the afternoon than in the morning; we had a few rough days but that was mostly because of storms.

Where is Cabarete Beach located?

Puerto Plata
Cabarete Beach, in Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic), has turned into an aquatic sports world reference thanks to its great waters.

What is the best time to go to Puerto Plata?

The best time to visit Puerto Plata is May and June, when hotel rates take a dive for the impending rainy season. In general, the city’s weather is warm with average highs ranging from 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to about 90 degrees in the summer.

Which part of the Dominican Republic is best?

Best areas to stay in the Dominican Republic

  1. Santo Domingo, best place to stay in the Dominican Republic for sightseeing.
  2. Punta Cana, all inclusive resort area with amazing beaches.
  3. Bayahibe, where to stay in Dominican Republic for diving.
  4. La Romana, very upscale area.
  5. Juan Dolio, affordable family-friendly beach area.

Are there rip currents in Dominican Republic?

Crime levels in Cabarete are low, but rip currents are a natural danger that not many tourists know about. Rip currents are strong flows of water that can appear near the beach. These currents move very fast away from the shore and can take you with them even if you’re a strong swimmer.