How thick should stable matting be?

How thick should stable matting be?

We suggest that the 22mm, 24mm and 26mm mats are suitable for ponies and horses up to 15hh. The 34mm and 36mm mats up to 16.2hh and the 44mm thick rubber matting for horses bigger than this. The thicker the mats, the more comfort there will be.

Do you need rubber matting in a stable?

Without rubber matting, your horse is more exposed to damp or cold concrete flooring that can often be felt by the horse even through a generous spreading of hay. By insulating the stable with a layer of rubber matting, your horse will be far more comfortable and less susceptible to sickness during the winter months.

What size are stable mats?

Stable mats The matting ranges from 12mm up to 34mm thick, the most popular is 17mm. Installing floor mats, in your stable, will increase the warmth of the stable and provide better protection for your horse. On average, Stable mats last for over a decade in normal stable conditions.

How do you seal rubber stable mats?

Ensure surfaces are dry, and then apply a bead of Stable Sealant along the edge of the mat. Bring two edges to be bonded together so that adhesive spreads evenly across edge surfaces. Remove any access adhesive with a pallet knife (adhesive can be applied to mat edges and re-used) Leave for 7 hours for adhesive to cure.

How thick should rubber mats be for horses?

Recommendations for Rubber Mats for Horse Stalls You will need approximately 6 mats to cover a standard 12×12 foot stall. Cheaper mats may not be a uniform thickness, or even a full 3/4 inch thick. You will want to butt the edges together for a tight fit. Another option is to purchase a 12×12 horse stall mat kit.

What is the best rubber matting for horse stables?

Regupol® Stable Mats are the ideal floorcovering for Stables and Wash Bays. The underside studs provide good drainage results over a concrete sub-base with the correct incline and drainage. Regupol® Stable Mats can reduce the amount of bedding required by up to 75%.

Can horses sleep on rubber mats?

“The horses are happy to lie on the rubber matting, which eliminates the need for straw or sawdust. We simply rake off the manure, sweep the matting, and power wash it.

What is the average stable size?

However, the most important part of your stable will be the stalls for your horses. Box stalls for a horse should be an average of twelve feet by twelve feet. A larger horse will be more comfortable in a larger stall, and a small pony will be happy in a somewhat smaller stall.

Can you seal rubber horse mats?

While floor sealers are beneficial for any porous floor, rubber flooring and mats are a prime candidate for sealant due to their deep pores and flexible surface. Without proper care and sealant, rubber flooring can become dull, dingy and difficult to clean.

How many 4×6 mats do I need for a 12×12 stall?

Many retailers sell 4×6 foot rubber mats for horse stalls, which horse owners then cut to fit their standard 12×12 foot stall. You will need approximately 6 mats to cover a standard 12×12 foot stall.