How profitable is a rabbit farm?

How profitable is a rabbit farm?

A good estimate would be that one rabbit should produce 80 young in one year. If the young grow to 15 pounds (6.8 kg) and the meat can be sold for $8 per pound this would create an income from one animal of approximately $9,600. That is an estimate for what can be produced from one female.

Is rabbit farming profitable in Kenya?

Rabbit farming in particular is among one of the most lucrative agri-businesses in Kenya, gaining fast popularity because of its less-demanding requirements and high monetary returns.

How much does it cost to start a rabbit farm in Kenya?

between Sh3,000-6,000
A rabbit breeder locally cost between Sh3,000-6,000 and the average number of rabbit bunnies per mother is 3-8 every two months.

How much does a kilo of rabbit meat cost in Kenya?

Rabbit meat goes for KES 500 per kg (Deadweight).

Where can I sell rabbit urine in Kenya?

Places To Sell Rabbit Urine In Kenya

  • Rabbit Breeders Association Of Kenya. Location: Township Kenyatta Hwy, Thika Livestock Offices, Nyeri Town.
  • Rabbit Urine Extra. Phone: 0775 591 851.
  • Rabbit Consortium Limited.
  • Rabbit Republic Limited.
  • Aqua Farm Consultants.
  • Alcare Group.

Is rabbit a profitable business?

Rabbit farming is more convenient and profitable than farming in most of other animals, because to start off entails just little capital with a small space, and it is an animal that is very prolific. Starting with just 2 does and 1 buck, within one year could give you 50 rabbits or more.

How much does rabbit urine cost in Kenya?

Most companies that purchase rabbit urine directly from farmers spend between Ksh. 250 to Ksh. 400 depending on the location of the farmer.

Are rabbits marketable in Kenya?

For a long time, commercial rabbit farming in Kenya for meat production has not been taken seriously. But now, rabbit farmers in Kenya are now raising highly meat producing rabbits for commercial production of meat and they are earning good money by doing this business.

Is there any market for rabbits in Kenya?

RABAK provides a rabbit meat market in Kenya for farmers who have invested in this venture. Registered in 2009, Rabbit Breeders Association of Kenya(RABAK) has been providing a much needed rabbit meat market in Kenya. Kiambu, Nairobi, Murang’a, Embu, Nyeri, Machakos, Mombasa Nakuru, and Meru Counties.

Where can I market a rabbit in Kenya?

1. Companies That Buy Rabbits In Kenya

  • Young Mkulima.
  • Rabbit republic farmers.
  • Alcare group.
  • Aqua Farm Consultants.
  • Rabbit breeders association of Kenya.
  • Rabbit Consortium Ltd.

How much is a litre of rabbit urine in Kenya?

A farmer may ask, how much is rabbit urine in Kenya? Rabbit farmers in the rural villages may, in rare cases, rabbit urine price per litre in Kenya can sell at approximately Ksh. 100.

What are the disadvantages of rabbit farming?

Cons of Raising Rabbits

  • Rabbits Can Be Messy and Destructive. Although rabbit poop is probably the least stinky type of poop, they do still poop.
  • There is Some Cost Involved in Raising Rabbits.
  • Rabbits Need Socialization.
  • Rabbits Need Predator Protection.
  • Rabbits Are Injury-Prone.
  • Rabbits Live a Long Time.