Recommendations How much money does La Liga generate?

How much money does La Liga generate?

How much money does La Liga generate?

Record LaLiga revenues of €4.479bn were posted for the 2017/18 financial year confirming its status as the second largest European league. Alongside broadcast incomes, commercial revenues and player transfer fees contributed heavily to club growth, which is being invested in the future.

How much does Barca make from TV rights?

165.6 million euros
When it comes to broadcasting revenue in Spain, Barça leads the way with deals worth 165.6 million euros in 2020/21, placing it fourth in the international rankings topped by Manchester City, which pulled in 168.72 million euros (roughly 141 million pounds).

How much is La Liga rights?

The awarding of its domestic rights contracts came after LaLiga’s clubs voted to approve an investment deal with private equity firm CVC. The €2 billion (US$2.25 billion) deal will see the capital firm secure a 8.25 per cent share in a company comprising of LaLiga’s media rights assets for the next 50 years.

How much did BeIN pay La Liga?

The financial terms of the agreement were not made public, but L’Equipe reports that BeIN will pay La Liga €25 million (US$30.6 million) per season.

How much does Real Madrid earn?

Real Madrid revenue by stream 2019/20 The commercial revenue stream is the largest source of revenue for Real Madrid. In 2019/2020, the football club earned approximately 359.6 million euros from sponsorship and merchandising, more than twice of what they earned in 2010/2011.

How is La Liga money distribution?

2021-22 distribution model: With the new TV money distribution model, La Liga will put both domestic and oversees yearly TV money in one pot from which 10% will be allocated for division 2 teams. While rest of the 90% will be distributed according to following model.

Is beIN SPORTS losing LaLiga?

This new deal with Disney, which owns ESPN, will exceed 500 million dollars in television rights. According to El Confidencial and World Soccer Talk, BeIN Sports will no longer transmit the LaLiga games in the United States even though they had a contract that was set to expire in 2024.

How much ESPN for LaLiga?

It was inauspicious timing for La Liga, Spain’s top soccer league, which is set to begin an eight-year, $1.4 billion partnership with ESPN this season that will put 380 games per year on the network’s platforms, mostly on streaming service ESPN Plus.

How much does Barcelona Dembele make?

In the last year of his contract, Dembele is earning around 250,000 euros per week, which is around 13m euros for the season. This is one of the main reasons why Barcelona struggled to offload Dembele in January, as there were not many potential suitors who could cover his salary and meet his wages demands.

How much is PSL worth?

US$300 million
The market value of PSL in 2017 was up to US$300 million according to Arif Habib, and has grown significantly in the years since.