How much is a 471 blower?

How much is a 471 blower?

Current retail price is just $2,225.00.

How much horsepower does a Detroit 471 have?

This engine can be referred to by different names, such as GM 471 or 4-71 Detroit Diesel. The information below is based on brake horsepower, and a 471T generator set. Standby: 180 BHP at 1500 RPM, 210 BHP at 1800 RPM. Prime: 164 BHP at 1500 RPM, 191 BHP at 1800 RPM.

What does a blower do on a Detroit Diesel?

The role of the blower on this (or any other 2 cycle Diesel) is to produce scavenging airflow. This is not supercharging, as the blower’s capacity is carefully matched to the engine displacement so that a slight amount of positive air pressure is produced in the cylinders during the scavenging phase.

How much does a 471 Detroit weight?


Family Model Weight
4-71 4-71 1,780 lb (807 kg)
4-71T 1,830 lb (830 kg)
6-71 6-71 2,230 lb (1,012 kg)
6-71T 2,195–2,240 lb (996–1,016 kg)

Is the 8V71 Detroit a good engine?

The Detroit 8V71 Engine is a standard, hearty engine, engineered to perfection for robust functioning over extended periods of time. With proper maintenance this engine can easily last a lifetime, and probably more.

How much horsepower does a 12v 71 Detroit have?

Rated horsepower: 310 at 1400 RPM to 430 at 2100 RPM. Marine Engine, intercooled, with N70 Injectors: Horsepower, power-propeller load: 225 at 1600 RPM to 510 at 2100 RPM.

How much horsepower does a Detroit 8v71 have?

318 horsepower
The 8v71 Non-Turbo Engine is a naturally aspirated, two stroke cycle 8v engine, while the 8v71 Turbo Engine is a turbocharged, two stroke cycle 8v engine. The 8v71 N engine enables a compression ratio of 18.7:1. The engine offers a power output of 318 horsepower, 237 kW at 2,100 RPM.