How many stories of apartments are there at 56 Leonard?

How many stories of apartments are there at 56 Leonard?

The 60-story residential condominium tower at 56 Leonard Street in TriBeCa was designed by Herzog & de Meuron.

How much did it cost to build 56 Leonard Street?

In June 2013, a penthouse at 56 Leonard went into contract for US$47 million, making it the most expensive residential property ever sold below Midtown Manhattan. The building was completed in 2017….

56 Leonard Street
Top floor 796 ft (243 m)
Technical details
Floor count 60
Floor area 500,005 square feet (46,452.0 m2)

How much does it cost to live in the Jenga building?

Construction work on 56 Leonard Street began in 2007. It stands 60 stories tall, has 145 residences ranging in price from $3.5 million to $50 million, and has been designed by Pritzker Prize-winning Swiss architecture firm, Herzog and de Meuron.

What is the building in NYC that looks like Jenga?

56 Leonard
New York City’s 56 Leonard — or the “Jenga Building” — has a well-earned nickname and a very distinctive look: It looks like a set of haphazardly stacked blocks, towering over downtown Manhattan. The building is located in Tribeca, the most expensive ZIP code in New York City.

Who lives in the Jenga building NYC?

Among its residents are the musician Frank Ocean and Keegan-Michael Key, who along with Jordan Peele, created and starred in Comedy Central’s “Key and Peele’ comedy show. The latter recently listed his apartment at the building for $5.5 million.

Who lives in the Jenga building?

At 7,779 square feet, the sprawling skypad features 19-foot ceilings, double height windows, white oak and stone floors, a gas fireplace, a chef’s kitchen and three terraces totaling 1,252 square feet with panoramic water and city skyline views. Residents of the building include the singer Frank Ocean.

Who lives at the top of the Jenga building?

Who designed the Jenga building in NYC?

Herzog and de Meuron
Hill West Architects
56 Leonard/Architecture firms

How many floors does Leonard 56 have?

5756 Leonard / Floors

What is the Jenga building called?

The Independent
It contains 58 floors, 370 condos, and it has been nicknamed the “Jenga Tower”, and the “Tetris Tower”….The Independent (Austin, Texas)

The Independent
Alternative names Jenga Tower
Record height
Tallest in Austin since 2019
Preceded by The Austonian

Who lives in the Jenga building in NYC?