How many sarstedt brothers are there?

How many sarstedt brothers are there?

In the statistics of British Pop history, studied and analysed by chart academics, the Sarstedt clan are unique in one distinct aspect, they’re the only sibling trio to rack up separate solo hits independent of each other.

Is Peter Sarstedt related to Eden Kane?

Peter Eardley Sarstedt (10 December 1941 – 8 January 2017), briefly billed early in his career as Peter Lincoln, was an English singer-songwriter and instrumentalist. He was the brother of musicians Eden Kane and Clive Sarstedt.

Is Peter Sarstedt Indian?

Born in British India, Sarstedt attended Victoria Boys’ School in Kurseong, West Bengal where his parents worked in a tea plantation. The family – Peter and two other brothers — moved to Britain in 1954.

What happened to Peter Sarstedt?

He died peacefully after a six-year battle with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, a family statement said. The statement said his closest family were “with him to the last” and that many people would miss his songs and his music.

How old is Eden Kane?

82 years (March 29, 1940)Eden Kane / Age

How old is Clive Sarstedt?

78 years (January 21, 1944)Robin Sarstedt / Age

What was Eden Kane’s real name?

Richard Graham SarstedtEden Kane / Full name

Who is Sarstedt’s brother?

Eden Kane
Robin Sarstedt
Peter Sarstedt/Brothers

Did Peter Sarstedt have a brother?

Born in India, he is the elder brother of musicians Peter Sarstedt and Clive Sarstedt, with whom he has collaborated on numerous Sarstedt Brothers albums….

Eden Kane
Birth name Richard Graham Sarstedt
Born 29 March 1940 New Delhi, British India
Origin Croydon, London, England
Genres Pop rock

Who is Eden Kanes brother?

Peter SarstedtEden Kane / Brother

Who was Edan Kanes brother?

Who is the brother of Peter Sarstedt?