How many questions are on the CDL test NC?

How many questions are on the CDL test NC?

The North Carolina CDL test consists of 50 questions. To pass, you must correctly answer at least 40 questions (80%)….NC CDL Practice Test.

Number of questions: 50
Correct answers to pass: 40
Passing score: 80%

What questions are on the NC CDL permit test?

NC CDL Practice Tests

  • HazMat (30 questions)
  • Passenger Vehicles (20 questions)
  • School Bus (20 questions)
  • Air Brakes (25 questions)
  • Combination Vehicles (25 questions)
  • Double/Triple Trailers (20 questions)
  • Tanker Vehicles (30 questions)

How many times can you take CDL permit test in NC?

Any applicant that exceeds the time limit or incorrectly answers too many questions on the general knowledge test will fail. All applicants are allowed one written test attempt per day.

How much is a CDL permit in NC?

$20 per year
NC DMV To Increase Fees Effective 01/01/2016

North Carolina DMV Driver License Fees
Class C License (CDL) $20 per year
Learner Permit (CDL) $20
Duplicate License $13

What do I need to get my CDL in NC?


  1. One document verifying age and identity.
  2. A Social Security card or one document proving they have a Social Security number.
  3. For U.S. citizens, two document proving residency.
  4. For non-U.S. citizens, one document issued by the U.S. government indicating legal presence.

How long does it take to get a CDL in NC?

Note: NCDMV also offers an N.C. REAL ID driver license, which requires additional information and requirements. North Carolina issues commercial learner permits and licenses from a central location and mails them to applicants within 20 days.