How many Pentecostals are there in the Philippines?

How many Pentecostals are there in the Philippines?

At present, the COG has 540 local churches, 65,354 members, 677 pastors and eight training schools throughout the country.

How many branches does Assemblies of God have?

The Assemblies of God (AG), officially the World Assemblies of God Fellowship, is a group of over 144 autonomous self-governing national groupings of churches that together form the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination.

What is the vision of Assemblies of God?

It defines for itself a fourfold mission to evangelize others, worship God, disciple believers, and show compassion.

How many churches are there in the Philippines?

Of the 530 churches and sects, one-third have been transplanted from abroad or are receiving financial and other Page 8 584 PHILIPPINE STUDIES assistance from foreign churches or missio is not entirely a happy situation: in the past 68 years, the missionary endeavour in the Philippines of foreign Protestant missionary …

What is the largest Assemblies of God church?

Dream Center, Los Angeles, California – 46,901. Timberline Church, Fort Collins, Colorado – 16,604. First Assembly of God, North Little Rock, Arkansas – 16,553. New Life Covenant Assemblies of God, Chicago, Illinois – 15,375.

What do assemblies do?

assembly, deliberative council, usually legislative or juridical in purpose and power. The name has been given to various ancient and modern bodies, both political and ecclesiastical.

How many religions are there in Manila?


Affiliation Number (2010) Percentage
Roman Catholic, including Catholic Charismatic 74,211,896 80.57%
Islam 5,127,084 5.57%
Evangelicals (PCEC) 2,469,957 2.68%
Iglesia ni Cristo 2,251,941 2.45%