How far did Togo run compared to Balto?

How far did Togo run compared to Balto?

Balto ran 55 miles, while Togo’s leg of the journey was the longest and most dangerous. Togo retired in Poland Spring, Maine, where he was euthanized at the age of 16. Following his death, Seppala had Togo custom mounted.

How many died in Nome 1925?

In the winter of 1925, a lone physician and four nurses in Nome, Alaska faced a crisis too terrible to imagine—an outbreak of diphtheria that could kill most of the region’s population of about 10,000 people.

Is the Great Alaskan race a true story?

Writer-director Brian Presley’s calamity-on-a-budget action-drama “The Great Alaskan Race” drearily recounts the true story of Nome, Alaska’s 1925 lethal diphtheria outbreak and the nearly 700-mile dog sled relay organized to deliver life-saving antitoxin to the remote town.

What was wrong with Togo’s paw?

A short while after Seppala had left, Togo broke free of the tether and jumped the kennel fence, getting his paw caught in the process.

What epidemic was in 1925?

1925 diphtheria epidemic
One of the most significant demonstrations of the importance of DAT was its use in the 1925 diphtheria epidemic of Nome, Alaska. Coordinated emergency delivery of this life-saving antitoxin by dog-sled relay in the harshest of conditions has left a profound legacy in the annals of vaccinology and public health.

Why is Balto in Central Park?

A group of dog-lovers and New Yorkers eager to honor this feat, were successful in raising money and petitioning the City to include a monument to Balto in Central Park. Ten months after completing the trip to Nome, Balto traveled to New York City by plane for the unveiling of the monument on December 17, 1925.

How far did Balto run?

While the lead dog of the 53-mile final leg, Balto, would become famous for his role in the run, many argue that it was Seppala and his Siberian Husky lead dog, Togo, who were the true saviors of the day.

Is there a Togo statue?

Fortunately, Togo now does have his own NYC statue in Seward Park on the Lower East Side. Also, statues of Balto and Togo can be found at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.