How do you get the good ending in Simons Quest?

How do you get the good ending in Simons Quest?

All three are variations of the same ending, but with different twists featured.

  1. Bad ending. Method: Complete the game in 15 days or more. Neither Dracula nor Simon survive the battle.
  2. Normal ending. Method: Complete the game in 8 to 14 days.
  3. Good ending (canonical) Method: Complete the game in 7 days or less.

How do I use laurels Simons Quest?

Press  + B to use throwing items, laurels and garlic when selected on the subscreen.

How do I get the diamond in Simon’s Quest?

Optional: Get the Diamond If you didn’t get the Diamond earlier go to the left from Brahm’s Mansion and follow the path to the end, then talk to the Gypsy to get the Diamond. You can throw it and it will bounce off walls, damaging any enemies in its path. It’s especially useful in enclosed places.

How do you level up Simon’s Quest?

Throughout the game, you can increase Simon’s experience points by collecting hearts. For every heart that you collect, you earn one less in experience than the value of the heart. For example, a half heart is worth 4 hearts, and it also provides you with 3 experience points.

What does Dracula’s heart do in Simon’s Quest?

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest It is one of the five necessary body parts needed in order to fight Dracula at the end of the game. Its only other in-game function is to get the Ferryman in Dead River to take Simon to Brahm’s Mansion.

How do you throw holy water in Simon’s Quest?

The weapon is similar to its Castlevania counterpart, except that the way it can be used is different. You can have Holy Water equipped at the same time as you have other sub-weapons equipped and you do not need to select it from a menu. In order to attack with it, you need to jump and then press right or left.

What does Dracula’s nail do?

Dracula’s Nail is found in Bodley Mansion and is one of the relics needed in order to fight Dracula at the end of the game. Equipping it allows Simon to break blocks with his whip instead of using Holy Water.

What does the diamond do in Simon’s Quest?

Throwing a diamond consumes one heart.

What does garlic do in Simon’s Quest?

Core Keeper – The Loop. Garlic is a limited-use item found in Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. While it is said to have mystical properties, its most notable use is to summon certain gypsies in certain parts of the cemeteries strewn about the land, enabling Simon to be presented with special and powerful items.

How old is Simon’s Quest?

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest is a platform-adventure game produced by Konami. It was originally released in Japan in 1987 for the Famicom Disk System, and in North America in 1988 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, respectively.

How long does Castlevania 2 take to beat?

When focusing on the main objectives, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is about 15 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 30½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.