How do you care for a Stipa lawn?

How do you care for a Stipa lawn?

Once established, stipa feather grass is extremely drought tolerant and thrives with very little supplemental moisture. However, a deep watering once or twice monthly is a good idea during the summer. Cut down old foliage in early spring. Divide the plant any time when it looks tired and overgrown.

Is Stipa grass a perennial?

Among the most beautiful and graceful ornamental grasses, Stipa (Feather Grass) are evergreen or deciduous, mostly perennial grasses, forming tufted clumps of arching, linear leaves.

Does gigantea Stipa spread?

Invasive, Spreading! It forms a dense tuft of often untidy foliage, but does not send out any underground stems or rhizomes with which to spread. It certainly produces a few seedlings in the early spring, and these can pop up anywhere within the garden.

Does Stipa tenuissima need full sun?

Grow Stipa tenuissima in well-drained soil in full sun. It works well in a mixed border among herbaceous plants and other grasses. To propagate, divide plants from mid-spring to early summer.

Can Stipa tenuissima be grown in pots?

This easy-to-care-for plant fits right into any grass bed and also grows well in a pot thanks to its ornamental appeal.

How long does Stipa tenuissima take to grow?

Additional Information

Packet Size 25mg
Aspect All aspects. Exposed or Sheltered
Soil Needs sharp drained soil
Time to Sow November to March
Germination 14 Days

How long does Stipa tenuissima grow?

Additional Information

Packet Size 25mg
Natural Flower Time June to July
Foliage Evergreen
Height 60cm (24in)
Spread 30cm (12in)

Will Stipa gigantea grow in pots?

Not the easiest of grasses to grow long term in containers the relatively compact nature of Stipa ‘Goldilocks’ makes it better suited than most to life in a pot.

Should you cut back Stipa gigantea?

If yours is an evergreen grass that doesn’t grow back, a Stipa or a Cortaderia, don’t cut it back at all. Instead, Monty advises to ‘comb through each plant with a rake or your hands (I advise wearing stout gloves as grasses can be very sharp) pulling out all dead growth.

Does Stipa tenuissima self seed?

Stipa tenuissima (often sold as Nasella tenuissima) produces abundant feathery panicles in summer. For a naturalistic effect, plant it among with perennials near the front of a border. It self-seeds readily – look out for little tufts around your garden.

How long does it take for Stipa gigantea to flower?

Planted in three waves, they don’t need replacing all in one go. This grass doesn’t flower fully until its third year, after which a steady supply of seedlings are available to keep the structured planting going.

Does Stipa gigantea flower in its first year?

We have our own single specimen of Stipa gigantea in the large raised bed in our front garden. This is its first year of flowering and its handsome golden brown heads of oat-like flowers look lovely at the moment, especially in late evening light.