How do I make a Lcps ParentVUE account?

How do I make a Lcps ParentVUE account?

Click on the Online Pre-registration Login link at the left (top for mobile) or go to Follow the steps in the Online Pre-registration Getting Started guide (ENG) (SPAN) to create your ParentVUE account and start the Online Pre-registration process.

How do I get an activation code for ParentVUE?

How to Activate your ParentVUE Account. Get an activation key from your school or from the Student and Family Resource Link by emailing [email protected] . Parents/guardians only have to activate ONCE. If you have activated in the past, please click the “Forgot Password” link and enter your username or email address …

How do I find my ParentVUE username?

If you do not know your ParentVUE username, you may enter the primary email address the school has on record for you. The password reset email will only be sent if the email you entered exactly matches the email on record. A confirmation message will appear. Click on the link that says Click to return to Login.

How do I add a student to ParentVUE?

Click on the tab marked “Student” 4. Click on the button marked “ADD” 5. Enter the information about the student you want to add (name, access id and password, etc). After you have added the new student, when you log in to the Parent Portal account, you should see the names of both students in the upper left.

How do I change my Studentvue password?

  1. Click on the My Account Tab.
  2. Click on Change Password.
  3. Select your new password.
  4. Type in current password.
  5. Type in new password.
  6. Confirm your new password.
  7. Click on Change Password.
  8. Change Password confirmed.

How do you add students to Aspen CPS?

To add a new contact, select Options > Add. The New Student Contact page appears. In the Selection Type pop-up, indicate whether Aspen should display Related Contacts, All People or All Contacts. Make your selection, and then click OK.

How do I update my ParentVUE information?

Click + to ADD a new number or click on an existing number to edit. Select ‘Mobile’ as Type to receive text notifications, enter your phone number, and check ‘Contact’. Scroll up and review your Account Information. Click “Update Account”.