How do I list datasets in ZFS?

How do I list datasets in ZFS?

You can list basic dataset information by using the zfs list command with no options. This command displays the names of all datasets on the system and the values of their used, available, referenced, and mountpoint properties. For more information about these properties, see Introducing ZFS Properties.

What does ZFS list do?

zfs list will show your usable space. The zpool list shows parity space as storage space. used Amount of storage space used within the pool. The space usage properties report actual physical space available to the storage pool.

What is dataset in ZFS?

A ZFS dataset is roughly analogous to a standard, mounted filesystem—like a conventional filesystem, it appears to casual inspection as though it’s “just another folder.” But also like conventional mounted filesystems, each ZFS dataset has its own set of underlying properties.

How do I set quota in ZFS file system?

To set up a reservation for a ZFS filesystem, you will have to configure the reservation and refreservation properties of that ZFS filesystem. Reservation: Disk space will be reserved for the data, filesystem snapshots, and filesystem clones of a ZFS filesystem from the ZFS pool.

How do ZFS snapshots work?

A ZFS snapshot is a copy of a data set or a volume that takes up nearly zero space and can be created almost instantly due to ZFS’s copy-on-write (CoW) architecture. Unlike other traditional filesystems, when data is modified in ZFS, the data is written to a new block rather than overwriting the old data in its place.

How big is a ZFS snapshot?

As a copy-on-write file system, ZFS snapshots only require space for modified data; creating a snapshot does not immediately duplicate everything. If you have a snapshot of given size, and then add or modify files summing up to 100GB, the snapshot will “cost” you 100GB.

How do you get rid of ZFS in pool?

Pools are destroyed by using the zpool destroy command. This command destroys the pool even if it contains mounted datasets. Be very careful when you destroy a pool. Ensure that you are destroying the right pool and you always have copies of your data.

How do you destroy ZFS in pool?