How do I get a donor card for Canadian Blood Services?

How do I get a donor card for Canadian Blood Services?

Obtaining a replacement card Simply bring ID that is government-issued with your full name and date-of-birth to the blood donor centre. If you are a recent donor, simply call us at 1 888 2 DONATE (1-888-236-6283) and we can help you over the phone.

Is a Canadian Blood Services donor card ID?

Effective Jan. 7, 2019, people wishing to donate blood will be required to present either government issued ID that includes full name and date of birth, or Canadian Blood Services issued donor ID, either in card or digital form.

What’s the rarest blood type in Canada?

blood type AB-negative
Using the most important blood type systems, ABO and Rh, the blood type AB-negative is rarest, while O-positive is most common.

What is the point of a blood donor card?

An Organ Donor Card is a great way to show you’re committed to saving lives. You can carry your card in your purse or wallet as a symbol of your decision to help others.

Do you get paid for donating blood in Canada?

Canadian Blood Services does not and will not pay donors for blood, plasma or any other kind of donation. Many headlines lately have stated Canadian Blood Services has not ruled out paying donors.

Do they check blood pressure when giving blood?

Get Your Blood Pressure Checked with a Blood Donation The Red Cross requires someone presenting to donate to have a blood pressure measurement of below 180 systolic (top number) and below 100 diastolic (bottom number) at the time of donation. Taking medication for high blood pressure does not disqualify you.

Will Vitalant tell me my blood type?

That’s why it’s so important first responders, nurses and other hospital staff know your unique blood type right away. Vitalant is offering all first-time donors an initial screening test. Preliminary results are available in minutes at every donation center.