How do I check my network settings on HP-UX?

How do I check my network settings on HP-UX?

On the HP-UX system, ping the broadcast address of the LAN interface. (To determine the broadcast address for lanX, look at the output of ifconfig lanX.) If there is no network connectivity, then there will be no responses from other systems on the subnet.

How do I find my HP-UX IP address?

Re: getting ip address of hp-ux server You can use commands like nslookup, getip, nsquery and dig to look up hostnames and IP’s. This information is configured in /etc/rc. config. d/netconf.

How do you configure IP address in HP-UX?

Re: How to Change IP address on HP-UX 9000

  1. SAM -> Network Configuration.
  2. Edit /etc/rc.config.d/netconf file and change IP.
  3. ifconfig – temperory change only.
  4. set_parms.

Where is network config file?

Every network interface has its own configuration file in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts directory.

How do I find MAC address on HP-UX?


  1. As the root user (or user with appropriate permissions)
  2. Type “/usr/sbin/lanscan”
  3. From the displayed information, find lan0 (this is the default first Ethernet adapter)
  4. Locate the number below Address. This is your MAC address.

How do you check IP address in HP Unix server?

(b) All in one lan configuration utility (lan0 is first Ethernet interface) to configure and view the system IP address:

  1. # ifconfig lan0 – Display IP info such as IP address netmask etc.
  2. # ifconfig lan0 up – Up network interface (allow traffic)
  3. # ifconfig lan0 down – Down network interactive (deny traffc)

How do I create a route in HPUX?

HP-UX: How Do I configure routing or add route?

  1. Let us assume your router address is and network ID is, then you can type route command as follows:
  2. To add a default route:
  3. Verify that (display) routing table is updated (display routing table):

What is network configuration files?

In a network, configuration information is stored in different files and databases that regulate the way the network operates.

What are the network configuration files in Windows?

The primary network configuration files are as follows:

  • /etc/hosts — The main purpose of this file is to resolve hostnames that cannot be resolved in any other way.
  • /etc/resolv.
  • /etc/sysconfig/network — Specifies routing and host information for all network interfaces.

Is HWaddr the MAC address?

-> HWaddr or ether or lladdr is the device’s MAC address.

How do I find my MAC address in putty?

Start typing cmd and select Command Prompt from the menu. Type ipconfig /all and press Enter. This will display your network configuration. Look for the MAC address listed as Physical Address.

How do I find my IP address on Unix?

To find out the IP address of Linux/UNIX/*BSD/macOS and Unixish system, you need to use the command called ifconfig on Unix and the ip command or hostname command on Linux. These commands used to configure the kernel-resident network interfaces and display IP address such as 10.8. 0.1 or 192.168.