How do I change TextInputLayout color?

How do I change TextInputLayout color?

  1. Hint color could be set via “android:textColorHint” parameter of TextInputLayout. This parameter also changes the label default color (label focused color could also be changed in other ways).
  2. Bottom line color could be changed with “app:backgroundTint” attribute of EditText view.
  3. colors.
  4. styles.

How to set label in EditText android?

To label an editable TextView or EditText , use android:hint to display a descriptive text label within the item when it’s empty. If an app’s user interface already provides a text label for the editable item, define android:labelFor on the labeling View to indicate which item the label describes.

How to add material design in android Studio?


  1. Depend on our library. Material Components for Android is available through Google’s Maven Repository.
  2. Compile your app with Android 10.
  3. Ensure you are using AppCompatActivity.
  4. Change your app theme to inherit from a Material Components theme.
  5. Add a Material component to your app.

How do I show error in TextInputLayout?

xml layout and has EditText fields for a default error label and a custom one. To display the error text, we’ll have to call the method setError(String) on an instance of TextInputLayout in our MainActivity.

How do I remove underline from text edit?

But some times developer wants to hide this underline so it can be done by layout file using android:background=”@null” attribute @null shows that there is no background required so please set all the filed background as empty.

How do you add a textbox on Android?

Add a text box Click TextView in the Component Tree panel and then press the Delete key. In the Palette panel, click Text to show the available text controls. Drag the Plain Text into the design editor and drop it near the top of the layout. This is an EditText widget that accepts plain text input.

What is a material design in Android?

Material design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices. To use material design in your Android apps, follow the guidelines defined in the material design specification and use the new components and styles available in the material design support library.

How can I remove underline from text in Android?

There is a really practical and easy way to remove underline for a text. And that is: textview. setPaintFlags(View.

How do I remove the underline feature while typing in Android keyboard?

Originally Answered: How do I remove the underline feature while typing in Android keyboard? Goto settings > Language & input > Android Keyboard settings > auto correction > off.