How did he get the nickname Alfalfa Bill?

How did he get the nickname Alfalfa Bill?

“Never say anything good about the state of Texas,” said the native of Toadsuck, Texas. He got his nickname because he promoted the cultivation of alfalfa. While running for governor, he affected a seedy, disheveled appearance.

What did Murray help write in 1905?

His ties to tribal leaders made him a prominent figure in the Nation, and he became deeply involved in Chickasaw politics. A major effort was made to obtain statehood for Indian Territory in 1905, and Murray helped to write the constitution for the proposed State of Sequoyah.

What is Alfalfa Bill Murray famous for?

William Henry Davis “Alfalfa Bill” Murray (November 21, 1869 – October 15, 1956) was an American educator, lawyer, and politician who became active in Oklahoma before statehood as legal adviser to Governor Douglas H. Johnston of the Chickasaw Nation.

What did Murray do to stop the oil production in Oklahoma?

They don’t get nearly as much attention now as they did in 1931 and again in 1933 when Gov. Alfalfa Bill Murray declared martial law to clamp off oil production in the Oklahoma City and Seminole Fields after the overproduction of crude drove prices into the cellar.

Who was William Murray?

William Murray, 1st earl of Mansfield, (born March 2, 1705, Scone, Perthshire, Scot. —died March 20, 1793, London, Eng.), chief justice of the King’s Bench of Great Britain from 1756 to 1788, who made important contributions to commercial law.

What was hot oil?

Hot oil referred to oil produced in violation of the proration orders. The term gained national recognition in early 1934 when it was used on the floor of Congress during the consideration of national oil-control legislation. Overproduction had long been the curse of the Oklahoma oil fields.

What is Lord Mansfield associated with?

William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield, PC, SL (2 March 1705 – 20 March 1793) was a British barrister, politician and judge noted for his reform of English law.

Who is Andy Murray’s father?

William MurrayAndy Murray / Father
Andy Murray was born in Glasgow, Scotland, the son of Judy Murray (née Erskine) and William Murray. His maternal grandfather, Roy Erskine, was a professional footballer in the late 1950s.

What is the oil bust?

oil crisis, a sudden rise in the price of oil that is often accompanied by decreased supply. Since oil provides the main source of energy for advanced industrial economies, an oil crisis can endanger economic and political stability throughout the global economy.