Did Shonda Rhimes write crossroads?

Did Shonda Rhimes write crossroads?

So imagine how mind-boggled I get when I remember that Crossroads was written by Shonda Rhimes, the creator of your favorite show to live-Tweet, Scandal, and your favorite show from 2005 that is STILL on the air (seriously?) Grey’s Anatomy.

How old was Britney Spears during crossroads?

In 2002, Britney Spears, then just 21 years old, was on the verge of another major transition, going from the world’s most famous pop star to leading lady. The “… Baby One More Time” made her acting debut as creative good girl Lucy in Crossroads on Feb.

Who wrote Crossroads Britney Spears?

Shonda RhimesCrossroads / ScreenplayShonda Lynn Rhimes is an American television producer, screenwriter, and author. She is best known as the showrunner—creator, head writer, and executive producer—of the television medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, its spin-off Private Practice, and the political thriller series Scandal. Wikipedia

Who made the movie Crossroads?

“Crossroads” was produced by Ann Carli, one of the film’s creative forces who previously worked for Jive Records, which was Spears’ label. Carli came across a then-relatively unknown Rhimes, and then approached Davis with whom she had worked on music videos over the years.

Did Britney write crossroads?

Crossroads is a 2002 American teen drama road film directed by Tamra Davis, from a screenplay written by Shonda Rhimes. The film stars Britney Spears (in her film debut), Anson Mount, Zoe Saldana, Taryn Manning, Kim Cattrall, and Dan Aykroyd….Crossroads (2002 film)

Box office $61.1 million

Is Crossroads the movie on Netflix?

Sadly, it’s only available to buy on VUDU. That’s the only place we could find it. You can try getting a copy of the DVD on eBay for a decent price, but other than that, it’s not streaming anywhere.

Why did Crossroads end?

The show, which was reinstated in 2001 after a 13-year hiatus, is being cancelled because of poor ratings. The final episode saw the Crossroads hotel boss Angel (Jane Asher) realise her job had all been a dream – as she returned to her real-life job as a supermarket checkout assistant in Birmingham called Angela.

Why was Crossroads axed?

LONDON – ITV soap ‘Crossroads’ has been axed just months after it was revamped in an effort to boost flagging viewing figures, which saw it beaten by long-running BBC children’s programme ‘Blue Peter’.