Can you exile a token with Mimic Vat?

Can you exile a token with Mimic Vat?

Does this copy then also become exiled at the beginning of the next end step? Yes, you can populate a token from Mimic Vat. The copy wasn’t created by Mimic Vat, so it will stick around while the original token gets exiled at the beginning of the next end step.

How do I Mimic Vat?

It’s pretty basic. When a creature is put into a graveyard, the player who controls mimic vat gets to choose whether or not he wants to imprint said card onto his mimic vat. If he chooses to do so then he can pay 3 mana to make a copy of whatever is imprinted.

What happens when Mimic Vat is destroyed?

If your Mimic Vat is destroyed while your commander is exiled by it, then it’s stuck in exile. This is the same both before and after the new rule change.

Does Mimic Vat work on commanders?

If Mimic Vat is destroyed while a commander is in exile because of it, neither of those rules will move the commander out of exile….Accepted Answer.

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Can you mimic VAT a commander?

Can you imprint commanders?

No. Soul Foundry refers attempts to copy the exiled card. However, if you used the Commander replacement effect to put your Commander in the Command Zone instead of exile, that card doesn’t exist in exile.

Can you imprint a commander with Mimic Vat?

If the owner lets the Commander hit the graveyard, triggering the Vat, and you choose to exile it, the owner again gets the chance to move the Commander to the command zone instead of exile, and Mimic Vat will have nothing imprinted on it.

What is imprint MTG?

As a keyword ability 502.34a Imprint is an activated or triggered ability, written “Imprint — [text],” where “[text]” is a triggered or activated ability. Cards that are in the removed-from-the-game zone because they were removed from the game by an imprint ability are imprinted on the source of that ability.

How does Mimic Vat work on commanders?

Commander hits the graveyard, Mimic Vat triggers, and the commander’s owner allows you to exile it (unlikely unless it’s your own commander.) The commander is imprinted onto the vat. Note that if anything happens to the vat at this point, the commander is stuck in exile indefinitely.

Do imprinted cards come back?

All cards with imprint are permanents, and all have a second ability that refer to the exiled card in some respect.

Does imprint go on the stack?

The imprint ability is placed upon the stack. While the imprint ability is upon the stack, clone shell is destroyed. Clone shells ability to reveal and return the card it has exiled is then triggered and placed upon the stack.

Can you imprint a Commander with Mimic Vat?