Recommendations Can I swim in pykes Creek?

Can I swim in pykes Creek?

Can I swim in pykes Creek?

Pykes Creek Reservoir is an ideal location for boating and swimming whilst the area around the reservoir contains significant wetter forest remnant vegetation. Located west of Melbourne near Ballan, Pykes Creek Reservoir is a popular destination.

Is there fish in pykes Creek?

At Pyke’s creek, you can catch rainbow trout, brown trout, redfin, carp and eels. Victoria fisheries and state government are also exploring this location as a future native fish species stocking destination. This is a great location for lures and soft plastics.

Where is pykes Creek?

Swimmer’s Cove is the designated swimming area at Pykes Creek Reservoir and is located on the southern edge of the main lawn area, just past the toilet block….Pykes Creek Reservoir. Swimming Hole Heaven in Melbourne.

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Does pykes Creek have blue green algae?

Southern Rural Water advises that a Blue Green Algae (BGA) bloom warning is current for Pykes Creek Reservoir at Myrniong. Warning signs advising people not to swim, fish or come in contact with the water have been put up at several locations around the reservoir.

How full is pykes Creek?


Capacity 22,119 ML
Dead storage 1,923 ML
Surface area 203 ha
Full supply level 396.57 AHD

Are dogs allowed at Pykes Creek?

A popular fishing destination, brown trout and redfin are commonly caught at Pykes Creek Reservoir. Camping, fires and trail bikes are not permitted at Pykes Creek Reservoir. Dogs are allowed here if kept on a lead.

Can you swim in Rosslynne reservoir?

This reservoir is fantastic for swimming, fishing, bushwalking, canoeing and birdwatching. There are no facilities on site, so bring along a picnic blanket and enjoy a swim and a peaceful picnic lunch by the water.

How big is pykes Creek?

Can you go fishing at Hanging Rock?

Anglers fishing the lake at Hanging Rock State Park can keep seven trout per day with no size limit or bait restrictions throughout the year. Additionally, no special trout fishing license is required, as it is in other Public Mountain Trout Waters.