At what angle should you approach a helicopter?

At what angle should you approach a helicopter?

A shallow approach is considered a glide slope of 5 deg., “generally, for almost any helicopter.” A normal approach is 10 deg. and a steep one is 15 deg. or more. The difficulty and sensitivity to errors each increases with the angle. There are several common problems or common mistakes in approaches, he said.

What is a helicopter route chart?

Helicopter Route Charts are three-color charts that depict current aeronautical information useful to helicopter pilots navigating in areas with high concentrations of helicopter activity.

What is the safe approach route to a helicopter?

The safest places from which to approach a helicopter are the front left and front right sides. It is acceptable to walk straight up toward a helicopter from the front, but the pilot will be able to see you better if you approach at an angle.

How low do helicopter blades go?

THE ROTOR SYSTEM OF THE HELICOPTER Many helicopter rotor systems can dip well below 6 feet from the ground level, which can potentially contact a person or object on the ground. Never carry anything above your head such as an umbrella while walking under the rotor system.

Why do you crouch when approaching a helicopter?

Standing too close can lead to you getting hurt, or covered in dust, dirt and debris that the rotors’ force can kick up. Crouch low when approaching: When a helicopter’s rotors are engaged, this is when you need to be most cautious.

How do you not approach a helicopter?

Never approach or leave a helicopter when its engine and rotors are running down or starting up. Crouch while walking for extra rotor clearance. Always remove hats. Never reach up or chase after anything that blows away.

Why do helipads have an H?

Construction. Helipads are usually constructed out of concrete and are marked with a circle and/or a letter “H”, so as to be visible from the air.