Recommendations Are quarter sawn necks better?

Are quarter sawn necks better?

Are quarter sawn necks better?

Quartersawn wood is less susceptible to wear, shrinking, swelling in width, twisting, warping and splitting. It also provides a better paint surface—all highly desirable qualities in a guitar neck.

Is quarter sawn better than plain sawn?

Since this type of cut involves more labor and produces more waste, the cost is higher than plain sawn lumber. Due to the position of the growth rings in the cut, Quarter Sawn lumber is more dimensionally stable than Plain Sawn. It resists expansion and contraction on plank’s width.

What is the advantage of quarter sawn over flat-sawn lumber?

In a word (or two), the benefits of quarter sawn lumber are looks and stability. Because the grain is so consistent on quartersawn lumber, the end product is more stable. The end grain of the wood ends up largely perpendicular to the board’s face. As a result, board twist and “cupping” is reduced.

What is the difference between flat-sawn and quarter sawn?

Generally 60-70% of the lumber from a log is flat sawn. The rest is quarter sawn or somewhere in between. This makes flat sawn more widely available and therefore cheaper. Logs can be cut to produce more quarter sawn but the yield from the log is lower and therefore more expensive.

How do I know if my neck is quarter sawn?

If the end grain is oriented vertically (perpendicular to the fingerboard), it’s likely quartersawn, or at least is the pith cut of the flitch. Pith is the centre of the tree, and a flitch is a sawn log.

What is the strongest cut of wood?

RIFT SAWN ADVANTAGES Produces the strongest possible boards with the most consistent visual look of long and straight grain patterns. Generally the choice of cut for fine furniture makers looking for consistent patterns throughout their design.

Why is quarter sawn more expensive?

Quarter sawn wood is often more expensive than other types of common lumber because it is more labor intensive to produce.

What does Quarter sawn maple look like?

When maple is quarter-cut the figure appears as vertical flame lines. The same appears in Koa wood. However, the same figure appears curly when viewed on plain-sawn grain. In truth, the same vertical flame lines appear when quartersawn or plain-sawn.