Are feral druids good DPS?

Are feral druids good DPS?

Best Races for Feral Druid Shadowmeld is a powerful DPS ability that does not take up budget for DPS racial. Horde – Races for Horde are incredibly close, with Troll just barely leading the charge.

What stats does a feral Druid need?

The general stat priority for a Feral Druid is:

  • Agility;
  • Critical Strike;
  • Mastery;
  • Versatility;
  • Haste.

Do feral druids get better in TBC?

Feral druids are in an excellent place for tanking in TBC, but as a DPS spec feral is unfortunately still quite lackluster….Class Mechanics for Feral Druid DPS in Burning Crusade.

Time in seconds Action/Event Final Energy
3 Cast Shred 16
4 GCD ends, powershift 60

Is feral Druid better than balance?

So, the safe pick to go for is the balance spec where you’ll be easily picked for groups and can raid more frequently. Things will become quite easy as a feral druid if you can find good friends that are willing to raid with you.

What is the best Druid race?

Top Druidic Races

  • Wood Elves. +2 bonus to Dexterity and +1 to Wisdom, increased movement speed, and the Mask of the Wild ability.
  • Water Genasi. Wisdom and constitution bonuses, plus the ability to breath underwater, acid resistance, and two free spells.
  • Ghostwise Halfling.
  • Variant Human.
  • Firbolg.
  • Kenku.

What hit rating Do feral druids need TBC?

A level 70 feral druid has a 6.5% chance for their attacks to be dodged by a level 73 boss, and has a 0% chance to be parried when attacking from behind….Secondary Stats for Feral Druid DPS in Burning Crusade.

Condition Hit Rating Cap
No buffs 142
Heroic Presence 127
Improved Faerie Fire 95

How good are druids in TBC?

Are Druids good in TBC? Druids are one of the top PvP healers in TBC, due to their powerful crowd control abilities and instant cast healing. Their PvE healing is also strong, and very Mana efficient. They are also excellent tanks, and can do good melee DPS with their tanking talents.