Are Brooks saddles heavy?

Are Brooks saddles heavy?

Heck, it’s at least twice as heavy and 10 times as clunky as the seat you’re now using. But on some bikes, it belongs. And for comfort on long rides, you may never sit on anything better. The Brooks B17 is one of the oldest models from an English company That’s been making leather bike seats for 138 years.

How much does a Brooks B17 saddle weigh?

The Brooks B17 weighs 574 grams (about 20 ounces). This is very heavy for a bicycle saddle. In fact, you can buy ultralight carbon fiber saddles that weigh less than a quarter of the B17.

Is the Brooks saddle worth it?

When it comes to bike saddles, Brooks really is the gold standard. Sure, as a basic option a comfortable synthetic saddle like ours is plenty comfortable, but only a Brooks saddle will give you the sort of long-term comfort that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Do Brooks saddles have a weight limit?

Most of our saddles do not have a maximum weight limit due to each rider having a different style of riding as well as environmental considerations. However, if you are 20 stones (280 pounds/127 kilograms) we do have two heavy duty saddles: B33 and B135.

Which Brooks saddle is best for me?

Choose a Brooks Saddle that Fits your Riding Style

  • If you’re usually positioned over your bars, these are for you.
  • If you’re usually positioned angled forward, but not all the way over the bars, these are for you.
  • If you’re upright for easy riding, these are for you.

How much does a Brooks saddle weigh?

Product Specifications

Weight (g) 574
Available Colours Tan
Width (mm) 175
Saddle Cover Material Leather

What is the weight of Brompton saddle?

13.4 ounces
The stock Brompton saddle is 13.4 ounces.

Can Brooks saddles get wet?

Look after your saddle, it’s an investment and should be treated with the proper care. Protect your investment with a cover, but if your Brooks saddle got wet somehow, leave it to air dry and don’t ride it again until it has!

Are Brooks saddles good for long rides?

The B17 Brooks touring saddle is the first choice of bicycle touring saddle for many long distance cyclists. After using a Brooks saddle for touring over thousands of miles myself, here’s why I think it’s the best bike saddle for long rides.