Who is the current SA opposition leader?

Who is the current SA opposition leader?

List of Leaders of the Opposition in South Australia

No Leader Period in office
41 Isobel Redmond 2009–2013
42 Steven Marshall 2013–2018
43 Peter Malinauskas 2018–2022
Steven Marshall (2nd time) 2022-Present

Who was Vickie Chapman married to?

As the Liberal Party state president from 1992–95, Chapman attempted to win Liberal preselection for the federal division of Barker in 1998. Her husband, David, died in 2001 and she moved from Wayville to Tusmore with her two children.

Who was before Albanese?

Anthony Albanese

The Honourable Anthony Albanese MP
Deputy Richard Marles
Preceded by Bill Shorten
21st Leader of the Labor Party

Was Peter Malinauska a health minister?

Malinauskas served in the Cabinet of South Australia in the Weatherill Ministry between January 2016 and March 2018, holding, at various times, ministerial portfolios with responsibility for police (2016−2017), correctional services (2016−2017), emergency services (2016−2017), road safety (2016−2017), health (2017−2018 …

Who is the South Australian Premier?

Peter MalinauskasSouth Australia / Premier

What party is Anthony Albanese?

Australian Labor PartyAnthony Albanese / Party

Do Albanese have children?

Nathan AlbaneseAnthony Albanese / Children

Does Scott Morrison have a brother?

Alan MorrisonScott Morrison / Brother

Who governs South Australia?

Premier of South Australia
Incumbent Peter Malinauskas since 21 March 2022
Department of the Premier and Cabinet Government of South Australia
Style The Honourable (formal) Premier (informal)
Status Head of Government