Who is the archnemesis of Thor?

Who is the archnemesis of Thor?

Loki – Thor’s archenemy and adoptive brother. The son of Laufey, ruler of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, one of the “Nine Worlds” of the Asgardian cosmology. He is a master of spellcasting and trickery.

What is the rarest Thor comic?

Thor #126 was released in March 1966. The most expensive copy ever sold was a NM 9.8 that raked in a mind-crushing $18250. FN 6.0 copies have come down in price recently, from $113 a few years back to only $79 today.

Who is Thor’s love interest in Thor Ragnarok?

Jane is Thor’s love interest. She is an astrophysicist. Jane appeared in most Thor micro-episodes and in the films.

What Superheroes are in Thor?

Thor characters

Thor Thor Loki Loki Odin Odin
Heimdall Heimdall Frigga Frigga Phil Coulson Phil Coulson
Darcy Lewis Darcy Lewis Laufey Laufey Clint Barton Clint Barton
Nick Fury Nick Fury Malekith Malekith Hulk Hulk
Valkyrie Valkyrie Hela Hela Surtur Surtur

Who is Thor wife?

in Norse mythology, the wife of the thunder god, Thor. Sif was a giantess, goddess of grain and fertility, and one of the Asynjur. She was the mother of Ull, god of archery, skiing, and single combat. Sif was Thor’s second wife, and Ull was his stepson.

Who is Darcy to Jane in Thor?

Doctor Darcy Lewis is a former student of political science at Culver University who became an intern for Erik Selvig, and an assistant to Jane Foster. While working with the scientists, Lewis came into contact with Asgard when Thor arrived on Earth, only to be followed by the Warriors Three, Sif, and the Destroyer.

Who defeated Thor?

Beta Ray Bill, a warrior alien, bests Thor in battle one time. As a reward for his strength, Odin creates a new hammer known as Stormbreaker for Bill. Bill subsequently fights alongside Thor, the Avengers, and Fantastic Four during an engagement on Earth in battle with Surtur.