Which GM bat is the best?

Which GM bat is the best?

In this Blog we shall explain the Best 5 Cricket bats in GM series.

  • GM Mana Prestige:
  • GM Aura F2 Classic Plus:
  • GM Mana Classic Plus English Willow Cricket Bat:
  • GM Mana Paragon Prestige:
  • GM Mogul F2 707 English Willow Cricket Bat :

Is GM a good cricket bat?

Gunn & Moore Icon – New look for 2022 – With a high spine and concaved bat profile, the GM Icon has a beautiful light pick-up and feels great in the hands. The mid to high swell position is ideal for stroke play all around the wicket.

How much is GM bat?

GM Bats Price list in India (March 2022)

GM Zona F2 Aura English Willow Cricket Bat (Harrow, 700-1200 g) Rs.5,499
GM Purist 303 English Willow Cricket Bat (Short Handle) Rs.6,365
GM ICON F2 Maestro Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat (Men, 700 – 1200 g) Rs.2,099

How can you tell a fake GM cricket bat?

GM Brand uses specific stickers on front and Back side of the cricket bat. You need to make sure the Font size and color of this Star mark and also check GM signature which is below star mark. GM Brand uses specific technology like “TOETEK”. Check the “TOETEK” at lower back side of the cricket bat.

Are GM bats knocked in?

The GM Now! Service encompasses all of our bats being “knocked-in” by the batmaker in-house, before raw linseed oil is applied to reduce cracking and splitting by maintaining the moisture level of the blade, whilst an clear anti-scuff cover is applied to the face and edges to increase blade durability.

Are GM bats made in India?

Welcome to The Official Website of GM Cricket All GM DXM English Willow bats are made by our own staff in our own factory in Nottingham, England. Gunn & Moore make the finest cricket bats in the World.

How do I know if my cricket bat is Grade 1?

A Grade 1 is the best looking blade, though it will not necessarily play the best. There may be some red wood evident on the edge of the blade. The grain on the face will be straight and there will be a minimum of 6 grains visible.