Where is the Breckland area?

Where is the Breckland area?

Nestled on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, Breckland spans over 500 square miles of beautiful countryside and covers much of the south, west and central parts of Norfolk. The district is centred round the five market towns of Attleborough, Dereham, Swaffham, Thetford and Watton.

Where in England is Norfolk?

Norfolk is a low-lying and predominantly rural county in eastern England, in the region known as East Anglia. It has county borders with Lincolnshire to the west, Cambridgeshire to the west and southwest, and with Suffolk to the south.

What council does Thetford come under?

Breckland Council
Breckland Council – Breckland Council.

What is Norfolk UK famous for?

North Norfolk is renowned for its spectacular coastline, fantastic wildlife, miles of glorious beaches, seaside communities and a beautiful hinterland of rolling countryside and picturesque market towns and villages.

Is breckland south or east?

Breckland is a local government district in Norfolk, England. Its council is based in Dereham….

Breckland District
Region East of England
Non-metropolitan county Norfolk
Status Non-metropolitan district
Admin HQ Dereham

Is Breckland Council conservative?

The council holds the Executive and committees to account. The council is currently controlled by the Conservative Group.

Why are there so many pine trees in Norfolk?

Measures were taken to protect the topsoil during the 19th Century, with farmers planting lines of Scots Pine trees as windbreaks to prevent sand and soil storms – a notable landscape feature in the Brecks today being the distinctive ‘pine lines’ of twisted and knotted pines that resulted from these pine hedges, which …

What are the brecks in Norfolk?

The Brecks is an area in the west of Suffolk and south Norfolk with a landscape characterized by the pines of Thetford Forest with purple heathland, rare wildlife, and uncommonly blue skies.