Where is Ikebukuro Station SMT IV?

Where is Ikebukuro Station SMT IV?

The Ikebukuro Region is the fourth district you will visit in Tokyo. You can reach it by taking an Underground Tunnel from the Shinjuku Region.

How many terminals does SMT 4 have?

Nine of the ten terminals can be reached when down the Law or Chaos Endings.

How do I get to Ikebukuro SMT III?

Before entering Ikebukuro in your north, go northwest instead and locate an underground tunnel below a railway. Pass through it and acquire the item from the chest (Jewel x1). After that, head for Ikebukuro.

Is p5 in Tokyo?

In Persona 5, the playable character, known only as Joker, lives and works in a neighborhood of Tokyo called Yongen-Jaya. Although the name is fictional, it is very much based on a real world place called Sangen-Jaya (三軒茶屋), which means Three Tea Houses. Yongen-Jaya (四軒茶屋) simply means Four Tea Houses.

Where is Dionysus SMT IV?

the Ginza Shopping District
Shin Megami Tensei IV Dionysus is found in the Ginza Shopping District. Surprised that a man was intrigued by his wine, he offers his fellow oenophilist a chance to drink it in exchange for his life.

Where is the bookstore SMT 4?

The Juraku Bookstore is located in ‘Ikebukuro Station – East Entrance’. Before you can find the East Entrance of Ikebukuro’s Station, you must first complete several important quests to find the area.

Where is the terminal SMT 3?

On the third screen, head north (compass: east) to enter the east door. This door leads to the Terminal room and SAVE your game. Go to the nearby north door (compass: north) and enter the Healing Room.

How do I save in SMT Nocturne?

In the case of Nocturne, you’ll be looking out for rooms that house a large silver cylinder. Once you find one, it’ll always be indicated on your map so you can go back to save whenever you need to. Simply interact with it, choose a save slot, record your progress, and you’re good to go.

Where do I go after Thor smt3?

We suggest equipping Kamudo Magatama for this fight. After the battle, Thor will allow you to go see Gozu-Tennoh. Shortly after, you will be taken back to Ikebukuro Mall.

Is Shibuya real?

Shibuya (渋谷区 Shibuya-ku) is a special ward in Tokyo, Japan. As a major commercial and finance center, it houses two of the busiest railway stations in the world, Shinjuku Station (southern half) and Shibuya Station.