Where does the 500 bus stop in Glasgow?

Where does the 500 bus stop in Glasgow?

500 (First Greater Glasgow) The first stop of the 500 bus route is Terminal Building, Glasgow Airport and the last stop is Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow.

How do I get from Glasgow Airport to City Centre?

The best way to get from Glasgow Central Station to Glasgow Airport (GLA) is to train which takes 14 min and costs £2 – £5. Alternatively, you can line 906 bus, which costs £3 – £4 and takes 18 min.

How much is a taxi from Glasgow Airport to Paisley Gilmour Street?

The fastest way to get from Glasgow Airport (GLA) to Paisley Gilmour Street is to taxi which takes 7 min and costs £8 – £11.

Is Uber cheaper than taxi in Glasgow?

Uber claim their fares are cheaper than traditional taxi companies. They say, for example, that a journey from the city centre to Glagow Airport would cost £12.04 in comparison to £13 in a private-hire car or £25 in a black cab. The company takes around 20% of the fare for listing the driver as part of their service.

Is Uber cheaper than a taxi Glasgow?

How much is an airport Express ticket?

Airport Express

Smart Ticket Octopus
From Airport to Adult Adult
Hong Kong Station $115 $110
Kowloon Station $105 $100
Tsing Yi Station $70 $65

How early should I get to the airport Glasgow?

You should arrive at the airport two or three hours before your flight departs and allow enough time for your journey to the airport. This should include any traffic delays, particularly if you have a longer journey to the airport.

Are there 2 airports in Glasgow?

There are 2 airports in Glasgow that share the same name, although one of them is known as Glasgow Prestwick airport, it’s the oldest and where the low cost airlines operate from.