Where did the term bluestocking originate?

Where did the term bluestocking originate?

The term probably originated when one of the ladies, Mrs. Vesey, invited the learned Benjamin Stillingfleet to one of her parties; he declined because he lacked appropriate dress, whereupon she told him to come “in his blue stockings”—the ordinary worsted stockings he was wearing at the time.

Is bluestocking an insult?

Speaking of women and their role in the world, let’s talk about the term “bluestocking”—an insulting name for a scholarly or intellectual woman.

What did the Blue Stocking Society do?

The Blue Stockings Society of England emerged in about 1750, and waned in popularity at the end of the 18th century. It was a loose organization of privileged women with an interest in education to gather together to discuss literature while inviting educated men to participate.

When was blue stockings written?

A moving, comical and eye-opening story of four young women fighting for education and self-determination against the larger backdrop of women’s suffrage. 1896.

What is a blue sticking?

An intellectual, well-read woman was once known as a bluestocking. You can describe your scholarly sister, who’s knowledgeable about many subjects, as a bluestocking — no matter what color her socks are.

How do you use bluestocking in a sentence?

a woman having literary or intellectual interests.

  1. The bluestocking pair dispensed eccentricity and cheer.
  2. He complained that my titles were vague and pretentious, and smelt of the blue-stocking.
  3. She is what you call a “bluestocking”.
  4. She’s no more than a bluestocking.

When was blue stockings first performed?

Blue Stockings is the first full-length play by Jessica Swale. It is set at Girton College, Cambridge in 1896.

Who wrote Blue Stockings?

Jessica SwaleBlue Stockings / Playwright

Who is blue stockings dedicated to?

The text of Blue Stockings is dedicated, in fact, to Malala Yousafzai — a direct link to the current challenges facing women all around the globe attempting to gain an education, faced with misogyny and violence.

Why is blue stockings dedicated to Malala?

This debut drama by director Jessica Swale is dedicated to Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl activist shot by the Taliban. It’s a piercing reminder that the education of females remains fiercely contentious in parts of our world.

How do you use bird’s eye view in a sentence?

Example sentences

  1. — I recommend that you go up to the top floor so you can get a bird’s-eye view of the city.
  2. — The introduction of the report gives an excellent bird’s-eye view of the new project.
  3. — When we flew into Washington DC, we saw a gorgeous bird’s-eye view of the monuments and US Capitol.

How do you use once in a blue moon in a sentence?

Examples: “Once in a blue moon I go to the cinema, only when there’s a film I really, really want to see.” “I’m very careful about what I eat so it’s only once in a blue moon I eat fast food.”