Where are the kindergartners hiding?

Where are the kindergartners hiding?

Where to Find the Kindergartners in South Park: The Stick of Truth

Billy Billy is at the farm and can be found in the bottom left-hand corner of the large cow pen.
Sally Sally is hiding behind a tree to the left of Mr. Slave’s garage.

How do you get Mr Hankey’s kids in Stick of Truth?

Go to the left and climb up a ladder. Walk back behind the flow of sewage, then turn the knob to shut off the water. Take the ladder down to find the first of three kids. Climb back up the ladder, then go all the way to the right.

How do you get past the school in South Park Stick of Truth?

  1. Walk out to the front of the cafeteria now. Fight your way forward and out into the hallway.
  2. It will blow up.
  3. Climb up the ladder and shoot the valve.
  4. Once up in the hallway again, to right and head out into the school’s main lobby.
  5. Clear out the rest of the enemies, and bash open the door to let in your allies.

How many friends are there in Stick of Truth?

121 Friends
This page contains a complete list of the 121 Friends in South Park: The Stick of Truth. Most Friends can be added to your Facebook page as you complete Quests and Side Quests. Some Friends can only be found by talking to Characters in certain locations or on the world map.

How many friends are in Stick of Truth?

How do I get Simon in Stick of Truth?

Simon is being attacked by a pack of rats. To reach him, you will have to widen the hole in the wall and walk over the grate in the background. As soon as you get there, the rat mom will arrive to aid her children. Use Stan’s or Kenny’s AoE attacks.

How do you get to the cafeteria in Stick of Truth?

Use Butters’ buddy ability to heal the guy huddled in the corner. He gives you the Silver Key to Mackey’s office. Loot the office and shoot the gold key down to get into the cafeteria.

How do you beat Butters?

Fighting Butters This can prove to be the more difficult boss and can be dragged out if you let it. Attack with Stan’s Whirlwind or Way of the Sword to whittle down his shield and Armor, then use power attacks to damage him enough to bypass his Healing Touch.