Where are the animals in Appondale on Animal Jam?

Where are the animals in Appondale on Animal Jam?

Look where the mud pool is – the rocks on the center edge (look where the ants make a path). The Meerkat is usually standing (Moving). The exit to Jamaa Township; look at the rocks closest to the mud pool. The Rock Hyrax should appear or be perched on the rocks (Moving).

How do you get a journey book on animal jam?

There is a Journey Book page for every land and ocean area except Jamaa Township. The Paradise Party and Call of the Alphas Party each have a Journey Book page as well. To complete the book, Jammers must find and click the specific organisms, objects, or features listed on the page for the area.

Where are the animals in Temple of ZIOS?


Species Location
Needlefish Swim in the water around the cave the water strider is in; near the bridge of stones in the water (Moving).
Turtle Will crawl out from behind the yellow/golden rock near the entrance of Crystal Sands (Moving).
Pitcher Plant Hanging on the right of the Temple of Trivia (Still).

Where is Sir Gilbert’s horn?

Right Section

Items Location
Pigments (Peck) It appears in the waves along the top-left section of beach about once a minute.
Sapling (Cosmo) It is along the bottom-right corner of the beach next to some cliffs.
Horn (Sir Gilbert) It is placed on a rock out in the ocean just below the outlet of the river.

Where is the jellyfish in Animal Jam?

Sunken Treasures
The Smack Of Jellyfish is a members-only den item. It can be purchased at Sunken Treasures and was first released on January 23, 2013.

Where is the snake in coral canyons on Animal Jam?

It crawls on the rock to the left of the bridge near the waterfall, just above the tarantula (Moving).