When did the Grateful Dead play at the Fillmore East?

When did the Grateful Dead play at the Fillmore East?

Live at the Fillmore East 2-11-69 is a double live album by the Grateful Dead recorded during the Live/Dead tour on February 11, 1969 at the Fillmore East in New York City….

Live at the Fillmore East 2-11-69
Genre Rock
Length 2:01:14
Label Grateful Dead
Producer John Cutler and Phil Lesh

How many times did the Grateful Dead play the Fillmore East?

The Allman Brothers Band played so many shows at Fillmore East that they were sometimes called “Bill Graham’s house band”; additionally, the Grateful Dead played a total of 43 concerts at the theater from June 1968 through April 1971.

Was Grateful Dead in the 70s?

The Grateful Dead released two albums in 1970 — “Workingman’s Dead” and “American Beauty” — and they changed the band’s trajectory forevermore.

What were the Grateful Dead’s best years?

Similarly there is general agreement on the Dead’s peak performance periods: 1968–1974, 1977, 1981–’82, 1988–’90; you’ll find a heavy concentration of Seventies performances here. In the end, though, opinions about “best” anything are always going to be completely subjective and also probably change over time.

Why did Bill Graham close Fillmore East?

Because of changes in the music industry and large growth in the concert industry (as exemplified by the increased prevalence of arena and stadium bookings), Graham closed the Fillmore East after only three years. The final concert took place on June 27, 1971, with three billed acts (The Allman Brothers Band, The J.

How many original Grateful Dead members are still alive?

four surviving original members
The four surviving original members of the Grateful Dead plan to reunite for three concerts at Chicago’s Soldier Field on July 3, 4 and 5, 2015 to mark the 50th anniversary of the original jam band’s founding.

Why did the Grateful Dead have 2 drummers?

Why did you need two drummers? That can be a blessing and a curse. One time after a particularly difficult gig, Jerry told those guys it was like playing with a popcorn machine. Because they got busy and were going in different directions and stuff, and there wasn’t much rhyme or reason to it.

What era was Grateful Dead popular?

Grateful Dead, byname the Dead, American rock band that was the incarnation of the improvisational psychedelic music that flowered in and around San Francisco in the mid-1960s. Grateful Dead was one of the most successful touring bands in rock history despite having had virtually no radio hits.