What size is a #2 Phillips screwdriver?

What size is a #2 Phillips screwdriver?

The #2 is a 1/4″ shaft, perfect for derailleur adjustment screws. It is the most common cross tip (“Phillips”) required.

What size is a Phillips 1?

Individual Hard-Handle Screwdrivers

Phillips Screwdrivers 3-in-1 Stubby Drivers
Available Sizes #0–#3 #1–#2, 3/16–1/4 in., T10–T20
Available Blade Finishes Chrome, black oxide Chrome
Available Blade Lengths 1-1/2, 4, 8 inch 1-1/2 inch
Tip Type Phillips Phillips, Slotted, Torx

What size is a number 1 Phillips screwdriver?

PRACTICAL HANDLE TOOL: #1 Phillips by 12 inch (300mm) Screwdriver is suitable for DIY hand-making, household maintenance, and most general repairs..

How do I choose a screwdriver size?

Choose the bit size that fills the screw head entirely. A bit that is too big or too small will not seat properly, and you’ll end up with a stripped screw.

How do I know what size Phillips screwdriver I need?

Phillips head screwdrivers come in sizes from 0 to 4. The lower the number, the larger the tip. Most jobs can be handled by a No. 2, like this 7-inch option from Klein.

What size is PH000 screwdriver?

Product details

item number WL43233
screwdriver size PH000
handle length 80 mm
blade diameter 2 mm
blade length 40 mm

What is the smallest size Phillips screwdriver?

Phillips #000 screw
The Phillips #000 screw is the smallest fastener in the Phillips family and is used in the most compact electronic applications. This particular size of Phillips screwdriver blade is also known as Phillips 000, PH 000, and PH #000.

What size screwdriver do I need?

The best size of screwdriver for the job will be the one that fits snugly into the screw head without wobbling, and without unseating at the slightest turn. It is usually best to have a few different sizes of screwdriver on hand to ensure the proper fit.