What should a save the date email say?

What should a save the date email say?

There are a few key pieces of information to include in your save the date email: Name of the couple. Wedding Date. Location / Venue.

Is it OK to send save the date by email?

Sending out save the dates isn’t mandatory, but it should be employed when it seems like it will be genuinely helpful (or when you really just want an excuse for more pretty paper goods). Save the dates can be anything from letterpressed cards that match your invitation suite, to magnets, to emails, to even texts.

How do you announce a save the date?

What to include on your save the date cards

  1. The names of the happy couple.
  2. The wedding date.
  3. Town, city, region or country where the wedding will take place.
  4. Let people know that your invitations will follow.

How do you announce a wedding date?

Save the Dates Ensure You’re Surrounded by Loved Ones Try sending them 3-4 months prior to local weddings, or 6-12 months before destination weddings. For your save the date wording, include the date and location of your wedding, the names of the happy couple, and the fact that a formal invitation will follow.

How do you address a formal wedding save the date?

How to Address Save the Dates

  1. Single Guests. Single guests can be addressed simply with their first and last names, or with a singular title, if preferred.
  2. Married Couples. Married couples can be listed plainly or include titles as well.
  3. Entire Families.

How do you write a save the date letter?

Save the date letters should be simple and to the point. They should include the who, when, and where of your wedding. The link to your wedding website should also be included if you already have one. It is important to note with save the dates, that invitation will follow.

What do you write in a save the date card?

Keep it short. Your Save the Dates should be simple, to-the-point cards that answer the who, where, and when of your wedding (we already know the why!) If you have a wedding website, include the link for those that would like to dive into the specifics ASAP. Consider what actions you want the Save the Dates to prompt.

How do you email a save the date business?

Examples: “Save the date this fall for the finest ball of all!” “Let this be your call…Save the Date for the Fall Ball!” “Save the date, y’all…for the Sweet-as-Sugar Ball!”

How do you reply to save the dates?

Technically, a save-the-date card doesn’t require a response, but it is a courtesy when an invitee lets the host know when a “yes” is not in the cards.

How do you address a formal wedding save-the-date?

Do you address Save the dates formally?

The only difference between addressing wedding invitations and a save the date envelope is that the save the dates don’t have to be as formal. Traditionally, wedding invitations must include titles (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Dr., Rev., etc.) unless the wedding is an extremely casual affair.