What movie is the song Danger Zone from?

What movie is the song Danger Zone from?

Top GunDanger Zone / Movie

Who sang the song Top Gun?

Stevens wanted to record his parts using one track, and avoid any overdubbing….Top Gun Anthem.

“Top Gun Anthem”
Single by Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens
Label Columbia
Songwriter(s) Harold Faltermeyer
Producer(s) Harold Faltermeyer

Who sang Danger Zone?

Kenny LogginsDanger Zone / ArtistKenneth Clark Loggins is an American musician, singer and songwriter. His early songs were recorded with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band in 1970, which led to seven albums recorded as Loggins and Messina from 1972 to 1977. Wikipedia

Who wrote Danger Zone song?

Tom Whitlock
Giorgio Moroder
Danger Zone/Composers

Is Danger Zone copyrighted?

Danger Zone by Craig Austin | Royalty Free Music.

What year did the song Danger Zone come out?

1986Danger Zone / Released

Who played the guitar solo on Danger Zone?

Overview. Dann Huff, lead singer and guitarist of the 1980s hard rock group Giant, played guitar on the song.

Who Turned Down Top Gun soundtrack?

Judas Priest opted out of the Top Gun soundtrack, but their song “Reckless” is a better encapsulation of Maverick’s story than “Danger Zone.”

When was highway to the Danger Zone written?

Danger Zone is a 1986 song by Kenny Loggins written exclusively for the movie Top Gun starring Tom Cruise. It is frequently referenced by Sterling Archer becoming a regular running gag.

Is singer Dave Loggins related to Kenny Loggins?

Musical career He is the second cousin of singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins, although they had never met until later in their professional careers. Loggins also wrote the song “Pieces of April” for the band Three Dog Night, which was a Top 20 success during 1973.

Is Kenny Loggins married?

Julia Cooperm. 1992–2004
Eva Einm. 1978–1990
Kenny Loggins/Spouse