What is your vision for the church?

What is your vision for the church?

A vision statement articulates the kind of future the congregation desires to see and what they’re aiming to do towards that in a specific timeframe. This will always be grounded in both its history and its local, regional and global context as well as the kingdom of God.

Why is it important for a church to have a vision?

The vision clarifies what the church should do or not do. It sets the agenda, priorities, and budget for the future. It guides the leaders during their season of leadership.

How do you do a vision casting meeting?

The 4 Steps to Effective Vision Casting

  1. Brainstorm Your Vision. Ask yourself:
  2. Determine If It’s Possible. For every category, ask yourself: Is this possible?
  3. Commit to a Direction. After you determine the life you desire is possible, commit your actions to that direction.
  4. Create Unstoppable Momentum.

How do you write a personal vision statement for Christians?

Use questions to help focus your vision statement. These questions could include: Do I feel God has a purpose for my life? In what ways has God’s hand been manifest in my life? What brings me joy or satisfaction?

What does it mean to cast your vision?

Vision casting is quite simple at the core – sharing your goal or mission and sharing it often. If you want a raise greater than the standard 2%, you need to share your desires with your boss or you will always be wishing that he was a mind reader.

What is God’s vision for the world?

The Vision of God Overcomes the World That is to say, it is the substance of the end times; it overcomes this world (John 16:33) and it unites all things in Christ (Col 1:15-20). When we catch the vision of God all striving falls away.

What does the Bible say about having a vision for your life?

It grows from your past and all God has done to shape you. Vision is revealed as you let your life speak. As you “listen” to your life and what God is saying to you through it, the Holy Spirit will show you what you need to see and understand.

What is a biblical vision?

In the Bible, the word vision is more often used as an encounter with God where he imparts special revelation, often intuitively, in dreams, or “in dark sayings.” (Num. 12:6) Sometimes visions can be theophanies, where God speaks directly to the visionary (Numbers 12:8).